Short Story

Sachkhere Medical Center constitutes a multi-profile preventive medical facility, where the practical activities and the development of science and education are focused on a patient.

We have a professional experience bearing a huge responsibility toward each patient.

At present, our resource contains: nearly 500 highly-qualified employees, 7 sections equipped with the latest medical appliances, a160-bed stationary hospital; a wide range of clinical-diagnostic laboratories; a polyclinic capable of receiving 500 patients simultaneously.

Since human health is the most precious thing, our key goal is to provide each patient with access to the best medical services.

Treatment processes in Sachkhere Medical Center are transparent, the quality of service is continuously controlled and all conditions are created for patients to feel comfortable and safe.

Our team strives to make a serious contribution to the development of the country’s health care system through its own innovative activities.

1967, The main building of the Medical Center was constructed in 1967. The facility was periodically being repaired.

In 2003, the main building of the stationary sector underwent capital repairs.

In 2012, new buildings and storerooms were built for the clinical sector and were put into operation; the Center was equipped with the latest medical appliances.

In 2008, an intensive care unit was added to the multi-profile service of the Medical Center.

In 2012, new buildings equipped with the latest medical appliances for the clinical sector were put into operation.

In 2015, Sachkhere Medical Center was awarded the honorary title of “Industry Leader” – ranked 2nd (in the golden ranking), based on the results of six nominations in healthcare sector in terms of the financial-economic direction among the enterprises of Imereti Region.

In 2015, the Center received a “Certificate of Appreciation” for promoting and supporting the vocational guidance and career planning program.

Since 2016, Sachkhere Medical Center has become a medical institution affiliated with Tbilisi State Medical University and has been accredited for residency programs relating to Anesthesiology and Resuscitation; Pediatrics; Cardiology, Dentistry and Neurology.

Since 2016, the Medical Center’s service also includes the cancer and surgical care.

Since 2017, the Plastic Surgery Section has been functioning.

Currently, Sachkhere Medical Center is located at 6 buildings, which occupy about 5 hectares.